Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricki- The Most Ridiculously Violent Film Ever

          This is a film that completely caught me off guard when I first viewed it. I don’t if it was the insane levels of violence, the incredibly poor special effects, or the bad translations. But once the story started, I could not look away from this ultraviolent bit of ridiculousness.
          Now there have been better translations done over time as word of this film spread and reached cult status, but my initial copy had translated the words literally, without giving thought to the context of the situation. For example, the scene where Ricky is being held in a steel bar cage that wrap around his neck in the warden’s office, one of the villains stuffs a handful of razorblades into Ricky’s mouth then hits him in the head with a pipe wrench six times, causing the blades to stick out through Ricky’s cheeks.
In the translation I had, he spits out the blades and yells, “None of you are a good lot!” See what I mean, not exactly a realistic response to the situation. In later copies of the film, I saw that the line had been translated as, “You son of a bitch!” Which makes more sense, but is not as fun if you are viewing Riki Oh through the so bad its good lens.
The film is based on the Japanese manga Riki-Oh by Masahiko Takajo and Saruwatari Tetsuya. While I have not read the manga, I have been told by people who have that the film follows the events of the book very closely.
This speaks for itself
By the year 2001, all correctional facilities have been privatized. Ricky Ho is sentenced to 10 years in prison after killing a Yakuza boss who was responsible for the death of his girlfriend. Flashback scenes reveal that a group of thugs had captured her after she witnessed their heroin deal. Attempting to get away from them, she ran to the roof of a building and jumped off to her death.
My favorite death in the film
One morning in the prison bathroom, an elderly inmate named Ma is viciously beaten by the captain of the cells, Wildcat. As he leaves, Ricky trips him, and Wildcat falls on a piece of wood with nails on it, hand and face first. The cell captain then sends Zorro, a dangerous fat inmate, kill him. The next day, Zorro attacks Ricky, but is grotesquely killed. Shortly after, a member of the Gang of Four who run each section of the prison named Hai, the leader of the North Cell, sends Ricky to see the sadistic one-eyed Assistant Warden Dan- who is missing an arm and keeps mints hidden in his fake eye. After Ricky confronts Dan, he suggests Hai kill Ricky.
Outside the prison yard, Hai and Ricky engage in a fight. Ricky knocks out Hai’s eye by hitting him in the back of the head. Hai then blinds Ricky by throwing shards of glass into his eyes and cutting the tendons of his arm. Ricky breaks open an water pipe, clears the glass from his eyes and sews his arm back together using his own veins. Hai then cuts out his own intestines and attempts to strangle Ricky, but Ricky flips him up in the air and breaks Hai’s skull.

And so on and so on. It continues with this ridiculousness, until Ricky has defeated the Gang of Four, the evil Assistant Warden, and finally the Warden- who turns into a huge monster at the end (of course) and is defeated by being pushed into a giant meat grinder. I could go on, but the plot is really unimportant. You could watch it with the sound off and easily get as much enjoyment, not knowing what was happening.
There was allegedly a sequel called Dint King, Inside King (aka, Story of Ricky 2 or Super Powerful Man) was released in Hong Kong in 2005, however from what I’ve head the plot does not follow the events that supposedly occur after Ricky breaks out of prison, and is set in the distant future as opposed to 2001 for the first film. However the same actor was hired to play the lead as in Ricki Oh.
Below is the film entire, and a selection of the most graphic bits for those who want to skip to the good parts. Enjoy and Caveat Emptor.
                                                             Full Film
                                              Edited Highlights