Monday, March 14, 2016

A Bunch More Educational Scare Films

As I wrote in two previous articles, Sid Davis Productions contains the greatest collection of over-the-top, pushy, and obnoxious short films aimed at the educational market. The main focus of most of  the Sid Davis catalogue, besides driver safety films, were social conditioning films. Like the pathetic “abstinence-only” & “teach men not to rape” brigades today , Davis felt it was up to the state and underpaid civil servants to lead the way on this cause, as most parents were too stupid to be able to do it properly.  And similar to the infamous "Boys Beware" Davis managed to do it with a heavy handedness that quickly becomes camp once its viewers reach high school age.

      So here is a collection of five more of the most obnoxious educational scare films ever made. Enjoy and Caveat Emptor:
          Moment of Decision (1957): Heavy handed film about car stealing and joy riding.


    Name Unknown (1952): For a thrill she traded her life in order to be a statistic.

   The Dropout (1962): A warning to would be slackers. Stay in school or forever be branded a loser.

Control Your Emotions (1950): Remember feelings are for ethnic people.

Let's be Good Citizens At School (1953): This one seems to be exceptionally dated.