Friday, May 15, 2015

The Madison-Felix Awards- 10 Years of Invitations

The Madison-Felix Awards was an awards show in Buffalo New York, which ran from 1995-2005. It was put together by my friend Big Brian and I. In reality it was a parody of an awards show mixed with an open bar drinking contest. Still it was fun and irreverent and some of the best parties I've ever had. But like all good times, they eventually drifted off to the land of nostalgia. The next several blogs are dedicated to their memory.

As we are winding down out series on the Madison-Felix Awards. I'm taking this opportunity to display the various invitations which were given out to people. Each of them was lovingly handcrafted from cobbled together photographs and cheap graphics, just like the show itself. Next week we will begin a series of guest blogs of people reflecting on their Madison-Felix experiences.

The first year very rough as you can see. This was when we were just the Felix awards, before we discovered another group was using the name.

                 The second year. This was when we got a little more serious and first moved to The Screening Room. Humdinger Records was Big Brian's production company at the time.

The infamous llama from Brutes and Savages. We added the caption, as I'm sure you can tell. This is my particular favorite invitation. This year we finalized the name, Madison-Felix Awards, after we learned that the previous Felix's had folded.

We got some flack for this one. People said we were promoting Nazis. But it is obvious that the character is Dopey dressed as Hitler.

Big Brian front and center. This was the year The Phantom Menace was released to our collective groans.

Our male model here was a Mr. Schultz taken completely by surprise by our photographer.

The person shown here is my mother aged three. She was not amused by our using her photo.

We didn't create the caption. We just found it hysterical.

Nothing more needs to be said here.

 The final invitation made up of all the previous ones into the shape of an X to represent our tenth and last show. We found it fitting as the last show was a "best of" series of our most well received clips.