Saturday, January 2, 2016

Educational Scare Films Part II- More Sid Davis Productions

As I wrote in a previous article, Sid Davis Productions contains the greatest collection of over-the-top, pushy, and obnoxious short films aimed at the educational market. With over 200 titles in its catalogue, Sid Davis focused his films not for math or science, but on the moral upbringing and behavior  of  a student. Like the pathetic “abstinence-only” & “teach men not to rape” brigades today , Davis felt it was up to the state and underpaid civil servants to lead the way on this cause, as most parents were too stupid to be able to do it properly.  And like the infamous "Boys Beware" Davis managed to do it with a heavy handedness that quickly becomes camp once its viewers reach high school age.

      So here is a collection of five more of the most obnoxious educational scare films ever made. Enjoy:

The Relaxed Wife (1957): Teaching girls how to be better wives to their husbands. To help him unwind after a long day of man work, and to never NEVER burn the pot roast

The Strange Ones (1969): A helpful policewoman warns children about the dangers of kidnappers and molesters, which is easy as they all look creepy and have mustaches.

Big Man on Campus (1958). The deviancy of being a class clown and how you’re only really cool by following the rules.

Alcohol is Dynamite (1958): Another anti-drinking short where one beer leads down a destructive path to spilled blood and twisted metal.

The Snob (1958): A high school female doesn't want to associate with the other students at school, preferring to spend her time at home,doing homework, etc. The other kids think she's a snob, but a fellow student's mother convinces them that all she really needs is to be pretty and popular.